Friday, May 22, 2009

Pre-Order Discount - Time Is Running Out

While the estimate that The Only True God: Early Christian Monotheism in Its Jewish Context will be available in July has vanished from the publisher's catalogue, now lists the date as May 26th! There may only be a few more days to benefit from the pre-order discount Amazon is offering of 33% off.

It has been good to see interest in the book's subject matter staying alive in the blogosphere. April DeConick recently turned her blog's attention to the angel of the divine name. Jared Calaway blogged about God as the God of the Gods (and who the gods are of whom god is the god). Nick Norelli has reviewed books by Richard Bauckham and Larry Hurtado on monotheism and Christology. Christology and the Gospels came in as number 6 on Michael Bird's list of the next big things in New Testament studies, although I will be honest, I find Simon Gathercole's arguments for a "high" Christology in the Synoptics underwhelming. Mike Koke discussed monotheism and Christology in the context of the "parting of the ways". Bryan Bibb blogged about teaching the Shema in Hebrew.

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